Sign Mechanic Mobile Advertising provides a unique, powerful, and cost effective advertising solution for small business owners. The company offers 145 square feet of “IN YOUR FACE” advertising, traveling heavily populated routes, twelve hours a day, six days a week. The truck has windows on each side and in the rear. Each window displays billboards that scroll, holding 10-15 advertisements per window, for a total of 30 - 45 advertisements per truck. The displays consist of backlit advertising making your message “pop”, even better at night.

In addition to traveling heavily traveled routes, the truck will circle special events, wherever large numbers of impressions can be made; concerts, fairs, sporting events are only the beginning. The goal is to help get our clients as much visibility as possible.

Competition and Competitive Advantage: There are other companies that offer mobile services, but none can offer the range and unique impressions of Sign Mechanic. Our advertising offers extensive research in the most efficient vehicle to appeal to the largest audience market for your business.

While this form of advertising has taken off in other metropolitan areas such as New York, Las Vegas, and San Francisco, it is a virtually untapped market in smaller markets and certainly unique in our market.

Moving billboards generate double the attention of a regular billboard. Sign Mechanic Mobile billboard vehicles follow distinct routes in specified area coverage, allowing you to pick which local area you want your message to go.

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